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XS2A interface

To be able to test your applications with the 1822direkt XS2A interface, please note the following points:

Step 1:
(Test) Certificate required

In order to use the 1822direkt XS2A sandbox, you need an authorized Trust Center test certificate. In order to use the production interfaces later, you need the appropriate certificates (not test certificates), for which you can apply after being approved by a regulatory body.

Step 2:

Contact form

If you have any questions you can leave us your message here.

Your message
If you have questions about API calls, please send us the following additional information:

Please note

Please note that this form cannot be used to give legally binding instructions (e.g. bank transfers, the ordering of securities, cancelling a card, approving debit entries from direct debits); such instructions can only be given through our online banking centre or by telephone.This does not apply to the revocation of contract declarations, if in legal regulations or the contract forms of your savings bank the revocation in text form (for example E-Mail) is permissible.

Data protection

By sending us a message via our contact form, personal data (such as your name and communications data) will be requested from you and stored in our system. A transfer of the data to third parties does not take place. This information will only be used to fulfill your contact request, after that your data will be deleted in accordance with our internal guidelines.


Here you will find our data protection policy (in German).


Your data will be transmitted by SSL encryption

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